Special Deals

On the specials deals, theres some countries repeated, but we can change those into Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Tanzania,Ethiopia and any other popular country you can think of in Africa, price does not matter.  I was wondering if the Special Deals can be a link that can open to the below info-
Newyork to Nairobi Kenya- $709
Boston to Nairobi Kenya-$709
Chicago to Nairobi Kenya-$750
Washington DC to Nairobi Kenya-$750
Houston to Nairobi Kenya.-$750
Newyork to Entebbe Uganda-$750
Boston to Entebbe Uganda-$750
Chicago to Entebbe Uganda-$750
Washington DC to Entebbe Uganda-$750
Houston to Entebbe Uganda-$750
Newyork to Johannesburg South Africa-$750
Boston to Johannesburg South Africa-$750
Chicago to Johannesburg South Africa-$750
Washington DC to Johannesburg South Africa-$750
Houston to Johannesburg South Africa-$843
Newyork to Dakar SenegaL-$870
Boston to Dakar SenegaL-$870
Chicago to Dakar SenegaL-$870
Washington DC to Dakar SenegaL-$870
Houston to Dakar SenegaL-$870
Fares are subject to change without prior notice.
Taxes are additional.
If your city is not listed, please call me at 503-352-5096 or send me an email at jacob@airfareshub.com for a price quote.  We have very good fares to almost any city in Africa from the US.


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